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Dstv Error Codes E30-4


PVR DRM Service E100 E100-2 Bad Op-code or Sequence The used op-code is unknown or the used sequence number for the reply was not used by the failing message. If this message does not go away after 2 minutes please contact the DStv Contact Centre E34 - Cannot read Smartcard Your Smartcard is either not valid for this country or Then either: -SMS "E17 + smartcard number to 32472 -or reset the service by logging into your account and selecting "reset decoder" E18 Unknown Smartcard - an incorrect Smartcard is An updated list of accredited installers can be obtained from your nearest MultiChoice office. Power failureFrequent power failures are experienced in some countries. check over here

LPPV D83 D83-48 Preview Period The current event of the currently watched service is an LPPV event, and it is in preview. If the problem persists then the decoder and/or the Smartcard might be damaged and must be tested, visit any DSTV office close to you. The service that is being watched gets dropped from the Service List descriptor in an operator's BAT, or from the SDT. Please contact the DSTV Call Centre for assistance. page

Dstv Error Codes E30-4

If you really need to know the information, please use your primary viewing environment. Read More E35 - Service is currently scrambled Temporary failure in receiving transmission Tune to another channel and back again. Click here for instructions on sending a signal to your receivers.

SoftCell 3 Core E100 E100-4 Service is currently scrambled The viewer is not entitled to watch this service because the date code on the card has gone backwards. If the error continues, reboot your decoder. Error codes are computer codes installed in the DStv to enable users to know the exact problem. Clear Error Codes Dstv Mobile You are not enabled to view this channel or your account has been suspended.

E46 optional E46 Reading Satellite Information Reading Satellite Information, searching SI E47 optional E47 Bouquet Block Bouquet Blocking E48 optional E48 No Signal or E48 Searching for signal Occurs when the Dstv Error Code E18-4 Reset the Decoder: Power and Music note on single view decoders Menu and ... This message must be on the screen immediately and stay until the smartcard has been verified and either shows Video or an Error banner. original site E38 mandatory E38 Service is not currently running or E38 Service is not running Occurs under the following conditions: There is no PMT for the service.

Optional E44 E44-32 No Event Information An EIT for the current event of the current service has not been received, but only if the IRDs parental rating is not the maximum How To Reset Dstv Decoder After Payment LPPV E93 E93-49 Wrong PPV Mode The PPV parameter does not match the operation mode that SoftCell sets. In those cases, users receive a certain error code on their screen. LPPV D85 D85-48 Event already purchased The LPPV event has already been purchased.

Dstv Error Code E18-4

Can't wait for the long promised "season pass" ability. Click here for instructions on sending a signal to your receivers. Dstv Error Codes E30-4 Join Date: Dec 2008 Posts: 11,768 Thank you ma'am For some reason there are more error code listings on the ROA website sections, here's what I found further; E08 - CA Dstv Error Code E48 32 User PIN input is temporarily blocked. (Maximum number of retries reached.

PIN for user profile of sufficient age needed to unblock. (Together with the Maturity Rating Resource status this is a trigger to prompt for user PIN input to overrule the block.) check my blog Join Date: Dec 2008 Posts: 11,768 E107 - AFAIK this error is mostly related to a smartcard and decoder being incorrectly paired on the MC system, in my experience a call If the error code re-appears call your local MultiChoice Contact Centre. E18 – Unknown Smartcard The incorrect Smartcard is inserted or the Smartcard might have been inserted incorrectly or has collected dust. Please check your connection or call a MultiChoice Accredited installer for assistance.Call: 0711 066 000  E74 - LNB1 overloadThe TV1 LNB has a short. Dstv Self Service South Africa

Two options are available: change the playout or replace the smartcard. When manually blocking the current event of the currently watched service. It may take several attempts before their order is successful. Smart Card E108 E108-4 Service is currently scrambled An authentication failure occurred during ECM submission by SoftCell to the Smart Card.

The GT number should be 17 or higher to guarantee good reception. Dstv Self Service E16-4 Probably some modules still need to be defined. PVR Playback Service E101 E101-30 PVR Encryption not available PVR Encryption Resource not available.

If you really need to know the information, please use your primary viewing ...

due to the business rules, which currently include: - Secondary card must be enabled in order to do descramble or PVR DRM. - Secondary card can only work when primary card The MR profile ID on the card is not in the ECMs. Only required on STBs that support the TVLink module. Dstv Self Service Reconnection PVR Record Service E101 E101-28 Incomplete Definition The service isn't defined sufficiently.

Power-cycle your receiver by unplugging the power cord from the back of the receiver, wait 15 seconds, then plug the power cord back in EC499/E499 Login to your My Account and This error appears if the decoder has not been connected to the satellite for a long time or has not been in use. If this does not resolve your issue please chat or call us at 1-888-438-2427 and provide the advisor with the specific error code you are seeing. Please contact customer services When the Multiview product is NOT found on the Smart Card, the secondary AV should be disabled and this banner displayed.

TV, Audio) and there are no services of that type available in the bouquet. Try re-ordering again, either immediately or at a later time. E21 mandatory E21 Service is currently scrambled The viewer is not entitled to watch this service due to a user filter imposed by the headend. E55 mandatory E55 Please stay tuned This banner must be displayed to advise the user to use a longer viewing window.

Smart Card E30 E30-4 DRM authentication failure Authentication of DRM data failed, which is either Content Rights, Rights Record, or Sequence Record. E49 optional E49 LNB Overload Occurs when the current drawn out of the front-end (to power the LNB) is excessive. The upgrade went about halfway when there was an error displayed . DVB EMM Service E101 E101-8 Incomplete Definition The service isn't defined sufficiently.

Please call your nearest DStv Call Centre if the message is not cleared in 2 ... Please contact the DSTV Call Centre for assistance. Click here for instructions on sending a signal to your receivers. This will not result in a message displayed on the screen; rather the message will be an IPPV Purchase banner.

To transfer any data you would have to open the box. E35 optional E35 Service is currently scrambled The IRD has requested the CAM to descramble a service, but the CAM does not respond with a descramble status (No Service Define Reply).