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Activepdf Error Codes


Parameter was changed to accept a long. 5613 Passing 0 for Port does not work Passing 0 now reverts to default Port value, as expected. 10021 A sub folder in Content.Word Fonts Tab Under the Fonts tab you can enable or disable embedding fonts in the resulting PDF file. The one enabled by default is Standard resolution fax. ActivePDF Server 10800 (ActivePDF Server Agent Service Port): Used by the Server Agent to perform job requests (PSToPDF, ImageToPDF, etc…). 10801 (ActivePDF Server Agent Message Port): Used by the Server Agent Source

Click the DocConverter tab. Subject to the payment of applicable license fees, Neevia Technology grants you a nonexclusive right to use its accompanying Neevia software product and related documents (the Software) in the terms and Unattended installation To perform an unattended (silent) installation launch Document Converter Pro installer with /sp /verysilent /norestart command line switches. Low Resolution (150 dpi) - Users can print but the resolution will not be higher than 150-dpi.

Activepdf Error Codes

The four choices are None, Invert, Outline, and Inset. To install Document Converter Pro: download and save the file to your hard disk. Permissions: Printing Allowed - Specifies the level of printing that users are allowed for the PDF document.

Acrobat 3.0 and later (PDF 1.2)  enables 40 bit RC4 encryption (weak - not recommended); b. Custom Word Headings In the Bookmark column, deselect bookmarks for headings (or other items) that you don't want to be converted. Click Yes when prompted to save changes. Activepdf Server Temporary files older than four hours are now cleared when the conversion application initializes. 3755 File specific: When using the LibreOffice or Microsoft Word converter to convert the email, the conversion

Destination magnification: controls the open magnification of the bookmark destination. Activepdf Docconverter Error Codes Changes Allowed - Enables the editing actions that are allowed in the PDF document. A value of 100 means that the stamp is completely                    opaque, while a value of 0 means that the stamp is invisible. In the Windows Devices and Printers window, select a different default printer. 11074 File specific: Barcode fonts are installed and used in this .rtf file, but after conversion to PDF, text

Network paths (UNC names) are fully supported. This is apparent by the many requests programmers and IT professionals receive from managers in industries that range from the legal field to the financial and insurance fields. All color and grayscale images are downsampled at 72 dpi, monochrome images at 300 dpi; subsets of all fonts used in the file are embedded; and all information is compressed. If you need to do that, you will need to add a new folder and delete the old one.

Activepdf Docconverter Error Codes

Use Product Finder. Click DocConverter Signatures. Activepdf Error Codes No workaround at this time. 4438 When a PDF containing PDF stamps is converted to a Microsoft Word document, the output file does not include the stamp graphic. What Is Active Pdf Resolution I See Setting DCOM Permissions for step by step instructions.

Resolution Use the command "mmc comexp.msc /32" to force dcomcnfg to open in 32-bit mode. this contact form Open the Registry Editor (regedit). Resolution - sets the TIFF resolution. NOTE: This is a general error that handles all failures directly related to the conversion to PDF, not the opening of the PDF. Active Pdf Doc Converter

If you have any questions about the licensing agreement, please feel free to call or email [email protected] in our sales department. TextBox  Width, Height - enter values in points, inches, centimeters or milimeters. No workaround at this time. 3790 LibreOffice converter: When using LibreOffice to convert an email .MSG file that includes Japanese characters, the conversion fails. have a peek here Type list box: allows you to select whether the links will be invisible, visible with thin lines, or visible with thick lines.

The file now converts as expected. 4393 When converting MSG or EML files, the timestamp in the mail header was reformatted from dd/mm/yyyy to mm/dd/yyyy in the output PDF. New Features In DocConverter you can now convert password-protected Microsoft PowerPoint files. Click the Add/Remove button to remove the program. 4.

Compression - sets the tiff compression algorithm.

Let's Talk Toll Free US: 866-468-6733 Outside US: +1-949-582-9002 Contact Us Copyright © 2004-2016 ActivePDF, Inc. d. PRINTER Output Format When the above format is selected all files in the input folder will automatically be sent to the printer that is associated with this Input folder. As far as compression goes, JPEG2000 is now fully supported.         JPEG Output Format If you

In the DocConverter UI, you can now set the port number in the General tab on the DocConverter main page. 3304 Protected Microsoft Excel workbooks failed to convert to PDF due Watermark/Stationery By using this feature you will be able to configure Document Converter Pro to place a stamp (watermark) on all converting files.  To define new stamps press the Create In some cases you may need to right click on dconverter.exe and select Run as administrator  then register. Check This Out This should now generate an email when a conversion is successful. 4464 DocConverter UI: In the Conversion Options tab of the PDF Profiles page, when Attach File is selected, the text

Once you finished defining a stamp you can save it into a file that contains all the settings you selected. Turn on Verbose Logging for DocConverter On occasion, you may be directed by Technical Support staff to turn on Verbose Logging so as to gather more detailed information on errors and Please follow the required steps for installing this service according to your operating system. Resolutions for Common DocConverter Error Codes Resolutions for morecommonly encounterederror codes.

f. NOTE: This is an issuebecause DocConverter is unable to find an appropriate converter to perform the text conversion in Support Tools. PDF Open options - select the PDF Open options; PDF Info (metadata) - set the PDF metadata: Title, Author, Subject, Keywords; General tab Job Options: Close Word and run a DocConverter application to confirm reliable operation.

The PowerPoint file now successfully converts to PDFA. 4733 File specific: DocConverter was unable to convert the .tiff files to PDF. PDF Security NOTE: All Neevia products enforce the restrictions set by PDF Security (encryption). To exclude .RAR files (and .RAR files whose extensions have been changed) from a Watch Folder, create a binary signature that identifies .RAR files, and set up a filter using the These products must be installed on the same machine with Document Converter otherwise you will not be able to configure them.

Let's Talk Toll Free US: 866-468-6733 Outside US: +1-949-582-9002 Contact Us Copyright © 2004-2016 ActivePDF, Inc. The internal code for the PowerPoint Open method was changed to match the default behavior of PowerPoint, and now the file converts as expected. 4855 File specific: The Excel file failed best graduation gift for friends astrum chubb, ballymena co? Or install Microsoft Office after installing DocConverter/LibreOffice and rerun the Office Verifier.

PDF Link Appearance group controls the appearance of links when the PDF file is viewed: Type list box: allows you to select whether the links will be invisible, visible with This issue is now resolved, and files are closed after conversions. 4319 File specific: When attempting to convert a PDF with an EVAL watermark to a PDF/A 2B, the conversion failed. Installing and Uninstalling Document Converter Pro Before installing and/or using this product, please make sure you carefully read the copyright notice and agree to all of its terms. Bug Fixes Beta 1 The following bugs were resolved in the Beta 1 release.

NOTE: this does not affect images and shadings.